V (plasteekerika) wrote,

Test robado del facebook de Kelly (por los viejos tiempos de testear)

sleepover slumber - mika miko

1. Put your iPod on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

* What were your first words as a baby?
Ska Banana - Beetlejuice ost

*When someone compliments the way you look, what do you say?
Cet air la (Covered by April March (wtf)

*What song will be playing when you get engaged?
Pennsylvania - The Bloodhound gang (no fucking way, if i have to choose is gonna be the Vagina one)

*What was your most embarrasing moment?
Soft Power - Laydtron (JAJAJAJA)

*What is your best pick up line?
Winnipeg is fucking over - venetian snares (wat)

*What first impression do you give off?
Revol - Manic Street Preachers (yay thats me)

*What's one superpower you could have?
Blue jeans - Ladytron (oh well... if thats a supapowa..)

*What do you do at midday?
HELL YEAH - The bloodhound gang

*What's your mood right now?
Sugar - Ladytron

*What should you be doing right now?
resigned - Blur (resigned to what)

*What will you look like in the future?
check our madness - patric catani (toma ya)

*What will you do on your next holiday?
serve the servants - nirvana (no fucking way)

*What describes your family?
smile - elastica

*What do you think of when you kiss someone?
run baby run - lolita storm (JAJAJAJAJA)

*For which reasons would you get into a fist fight?
come into my life - gala

*Are you a jealous person?
moscú está helado - esplendor geometrico

*What do you think about the last party you went to?
something diabolical - the bloodhound gang (yeah it was)

*What do you think of yourself?
deceptacon - le tigre (yesh)

*What makes you happy?
waking up - elastica (well, some sort of)

*What do you look for in the opposite sex?
total babe - clorox girls (YEEEEES)

*What song do you think they'll play at your funeral?
fix me - black flag (hahah, fix that)

*What song describes your favorite holiday?
seven nation army - white stripes

*What are you afraid of?
boredom - the buzzcocks (hihi)

*What's the stupidest thing you've done?
seed- kap bambino

*What's the last rumor you heard?
i hate myself and i want to die - nirvana (no!)

*What do you scream when you're excited?
black tongue - yeah yeah yeahs

*Describe your shower:
the sunshine underground - chemical brothers

*What do you think of, when you think of your ex?
spongebob squarepants theme - painty the pirate and some kids

*What have you said to someone that you regret saying?
common people (pulp)

*What will you post this as?
sleepover slumber - mika miko
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